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The 4th audio chapter in The New Lead the Field Program is called “Miracle of Your Mind,” and the lessons imbedded in that single chapter are really phenomenal.

It’s the first time that both Earl Nightingale and Bob Proctor suggest devoting an hour a day to an exercise that will really get your life shaking in the right way. Bob calls it the “Six O’Clock Club.”

Now, in order for The New Lead the Field Program to truly work in your life, you have to make a committed decision to STUDY it every day, DO the exercises and TAKE the actions.

Many people will start off well enough, but then fall off somewhere along the way. It’s absolutely vital that you not let this happen to you!

When you’re studying an audio program, you might feel that you’re out there on your own little island.

With this program, though, you are heartily surrounded by a global community of support. For starters, rest assured – hundreds and hundreds of students all over the world are studying the very same chapters as you are. (Just think what kind of vibrational “think tank” we have generating all over the world!)

And, we’re here for your questions.

Bob On Webinars:
Each month, Bob Proctor does a live, hour-long webinar to answer your biggest questions on the material.

Social Platforms: Additionally, we’ve set up community on social media platforms that keep you dialed in as you progress through this amazing material. Be sure to “like” us on these pages:

Private Study Group: Once you’ve invested in The New Lead the Field Program, you will be invited to join our private Facebook study group, where you can ask questions and get more detailed explanations on anything in the program. We’re also all about motivation and coaching/cheering you on. You’re going to meet fellow students who are studying the very same chapters … and you’re going to be hearing and sharing plenty of success stories, too!

We have all sorts of new plans in the works, too, and they’re all focused on helping you achieve, reach higher and quickly create effective, long-lasting success … the kind of success you deserve to live.

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Aren't You Ready to Live Life Your Way?

This program gets you out in front, breaking away from the pack mentality, and freeing yourself from living the kind of life most people settle for, what Earl Nightingale calls “a narrow, frustrated life.”
Over the course of just 120 days, you’re going to find your way to the winner’s circle … YOUR winner’s circle … whatever you want it to be!
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