A Disclaimer From Bob Proctor

The last time I counted, I thought there were 68 lessons in The New Lead the Field Program, so that’s what I refer to in our giveaway, below. But, people who are studying the program keep calling me and telling me I’m waaaay off … some people say it’s more like 85 lessons … others says it’s more like a hundred and 68 … and some tell me they learn something new in just about every other sentence.

The fact is, I’ve studied this program for more than 40 years, and I still see something new in every chapter. It’s that kind of magic.

But to give you an idea of just one of the lessons in The New Lead the Field, we’ve pulled out just a few pages from what will likely be one of your favorite lessons, Chapter 3: A Worthy Destination. It’s one of a few beginning – but absolutely necessary – steps to altering every aspect of your life.
(And the really great thing is … it’s just a couple of pages … just a few minutes of an audio lesson … with many, many more life-changers to follow.)
Dive in. The water’s warm.