Lead the Field

Lead The Field: Life YOUR Way!

Diane Armitage

Diane Armitage
26-year writer to Bob Proctor
Millionaire entrepreneur with a global marketing agency
Daily studying and teaching The New Lead the Field Program for 20 years

A Note From Diane:

When Bob Proctor first handed me a “draft” of the rework he had done on his favorite program, Lead the Field, it quickly became my favorite program, too. It not only became my favorite program – it was the game changer for my entire life in just a matter of a few short months.

If you know Bob Proctor, you know he studies Think & Grow Rich every day. Lead the Field is that for me. I’ve studied it almost daily for 20 years – 7,000 days of rich rewards!

Now, I’m pleased to introduce my mentoring and coaching of the Lead the Field Program, the ONE program that’s launched more millionaires than any program in the world.

It certainly launched ME … and I thought I was the farthest thing from a millionaire ever. When I first met Bob Proctor in 1994, I was a worker bee making $30,000 a year. I began my own company a year later, and my income quintupled (if there is such a word.) When I began studying Bob’s revised version of Lead the Field, it quintupled again.

And the great thing is that this is not at all hard. When you learn how to open up and let it flow, you’re going to find your own acres of diamonds right there in your own backyard.

Most people have never heard of Lead the Field, or they’re not sure what it’s all about.

Lead the Field for business growth, entrepreneurial strategy and overall BIGGER thinking for every aspect of your life

Yes, it covers all sorts of business growth ideas.

Yes, it cultivates all sorts of ideas for NEW businesses and undertakings.

Yes, it helps you become a better leader and manager, from steering global companies to working more effectively with the kids you’re raising in your own home.

But Lead the Field is so much more than that. This program gets you out in front … whatever that “front” may look for you. It helps you break away from the pack mentality and free yourself from a life most people settle for.

If you feel like you’ve been settling in some (or many) aspects of your life, I’ve got some interesting news for you: You’re settling because you don’t know you don’t HAVE to settle. And the beautiful truth is: You’re capable of doing ANYTHING you want! You have perfection in you. You’re ALREADY a born winner.

Lead the Field is about Smart Moves and Strategic Direction so that you win REALLY BIG. It doesn’t matter if you’re going bigger, just getting started or starting over completely.
I’m here to walk you through, step by step, to that Winner’s Circle.

Here’s how I help get you to the Winner’s Circle in just 4 months:

As soon as you join, you have access in my member’s platform to all the audio lessons and PDFs. At the same time, Bob Proctor will send you recommended lesson starts every 10 days. So, whether you decide to follow my lead in our weekly lessons (which pop around), or a more stately order from Bob Proctor (because he’s stately), all the material is here, waiting for you.

Enjoy thought-provoking (and very cool) exercises with each lesson

Watch introductory videos from Bob Proctor with each lesson

Having a meltdown? Up against a “terror barrier?” I’ve got your back. At the beginning of the program, you get unlimited “Help Me! What Do I DO?” 15-minute private coaching sessions with me.

I schedule at least 2 weekly live webinars each week to review the lessons and answer your questions. I typically release the schedule for upcoming webinars by the end of the week. As a member, you can sign into any lesson you desire, whether it’s what you’re studying that week specifically with me or something you think you need to hear.

Because I’ve been working with and writing for Bob Proctor for nearly 30 years, I have a large resource of related materials I’ll be sharing with you as we work through these lessons. It’s literally “untapped” gold mine information that he and I have created together over these many years.

Get into monthly, live Q&A sessions where I work through your submitted questions

Join my Lead the Field FB page for pop-up lessons, thoughts for the day, fun contests, ongoing discussion and community support. This is a global community of people all heading in the same direction – The Winner’s Circle!

Recognize and Achieve Your Greatness

Given our current worldwide situation, this joint venture for you couldn’t be landing at a better time. We’re here to help you with the Smart Directions and Strategic Moves. Put it all together . . . Life Your Way!

Launch YOUR improved life today. Join our growing community today!

Aren’t You Ready To Live Life Your Way?

This program gets you out in front, breaking away from the pack mentality, and freeing yourself from living the kind of life most people settle for, what Earl Nightingale calls “a narrow, frustrated life.”

Over the course of just 120 days, you’re going to find your way to the winner’s circle … YOUR winner’s circle … whatever you want it to be!