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A note from Bob Proctor

What The New Lead the Field Program Brings Out in You

These last few weeks, I’ve been trying to think of a way to describe The New Lead the Field Program to you. If you’ve seen my previous video, you’ve heard me explain that part of it is an audio program, initially created by my mentor Earl Nightingale in 1962, that has created more millionaires than any other self-development program in history.

One of those millionaires was ME.

And it created SO much change in my life back then, that I resurrected the program in the year 2000, and re-recorded the entire program, stem to stern.

At the time, Diane Armitage was working with me as my writer, and in marketing direction for me, so I gave her what was probably the first “hot off the press” rendition of what I had just completed.

Although I’ve seen Diane Armitage absolutely SOAR in the years I’ve known her, it was remarkable how she took to the material in The New Lead the Field. I am so pleased that she’s finally decided to teach this material to the world, because her understanding of this is acute. Aside from me, I’m not sure that any other person truly understands Lead the Field as Diane does.

Why did I update Earl’s original work in 2000?

I suppose you could say I did it in tribute to Earl Nightingale and this powerful program, and that’s very true … but I ALSO ADDED IN even more explanation and lessons from my perspective – from all the years of studying and teaching I’ve been doing – so that you REALLY get it and fly with it.

The other day, I was reading through the workbook transcript that we include with this program, and ONE line really stood out to me. It’s on page 137 in Chapter 7 in the lesson, It’s Easier to Win … Earl asks you to ask yourself this:

If I Continue To Go Along As I Have In The Past, Where Will I Be Five Years From Now?

It’s just one sentence in the middle of a paragraph, and you could easily miss it … But I don’t want you to miss it.I want you to take a moment and really ask yourself this question . . . . “If I continue to go along as I have in the past, where will I be five years from now?”

Where WERE you five years ago?

Where do you WANT to be five years from now? …

And … How do you think you’re going to get there?

Through all the years I’ve been teaching this material, I’d say people fall into two camps.

In the first camp … They have big dreams. They set big goals. They have great plans. But they pretty much stay in the same place they’ve always been, settling for a life they really don’t want to live, because no one has taught them HOW, and they usually don’t BELIEVE they have the chutzpah to get it done!

The other camp of people … they don’t even know where to begin. Somewhere along the way, someone convinced them that dreaming and goal-setting was for other people … for winners … I know that camp well because I lived in that camp for 26 years of my life. I didn’t dream big because I figured THAT was a DNA strand or a gene that was just completely missing in my ENTIRE body! So … why even try? Why even put myself out there to only meet disappointment time and again?

This New Lead the Field Program is for people who live in one of those camps. It teaches you to dream. It encourages you to set big goals. And then … it shows you HOW. It shows you HOW in an easy, step-by-step, building-block way that’s not like any other program you’ve seen … because it comes at you knowing that the SPIRIT at the very core of YOUR being … is some kind of wonderful.

As you work your way through this program, you’re going to learn to see yourself in a whole new way. You’re going to learn just how POWERFUL you really are. And THAT’s when you begin to BELIEVE!

And when you believe, my friend … your next five years are going to be some kind of wonderful, too.