Lead The Field. Live Life Your Way.

What Does A Balanced LIFE Feel Like to You?

“You’re living a balanced life when you are spending your days doing what you LOVE to do and, at the same time, earning the amount of MONEY you need . . . to provide the things you want . . . to live the way YOU choose.” – Bob Proctor, Lead the Field

Days To Living Life Your Way

Over the course of just 120 days.
That’s only 4 months

You will learn how to recognize and remove the “weeds” in your mind that have choked
the growth and success in your life.

Imagine getting out of bed in the morning with real enthusiasm...

because you can’t wait to start your day. You feel alive and happy and on purpose. You might even feel a sense of giddiness because everything is falling SO neatly into place … everything is working with this crazy kind of methodical magic in your life . . . And it’s because your brought this program, Lead the Field, into your life.

I’m Not Claiming That A 12-Lesson Audio Coaching Program Can Be Responsible For Dramatically Changing Your Life…YOU ARE!

The fact is, YOU have always had a powerful, limitless mind.
Every person on this planet has a powerful, limitless mind.
But in most cases, you … and your billions of fellow peers … are rarely educated to understand this and, as a consequence,
You’re Probably Not Living The Life You Deserve.

When you make a commitment to this Lead the Field coaching program, you’re going to find that any aspect of your life CAN and WILL blossom!

Lead the Field is often labeled a “goal achieving” program.

That’s like saying the sun is just a star in our solar system.

Far beyond goal achieving,
this is the Master’s Degree
to living life on your terms.

It’s from this essential foundation that you’ll begin to learn how to implement the REAL and TRUE seeds of success … seeds that are rarely taught anywhere in the world, but are capable of effortlessly growing rain forests of lush success in your life.

Lead The Field Success Stories

More assets gained in a single quarter …

“Starting in September, I took my entire team through The New Lead the Field Program. While we were still doing the program in Q4 2017, we brought in more new assets that single quarter than we had secured for the entire year.”
Bob Pascuzzi

Largest movie contract ever …

“I was just beginning to apply the lessons from the very FIRST chapter of The New Lead the Field Program and – seemingly miraculously – achieved sudden agreement in negotiations for the largest movie contract I’ve yet been awarded.”
Phillip B. Goldfine

Moved to the town of my dreams …

The New Lead the Field Program helped me find the courage to make the leap and move to the town of my dreams, Laguna Beach. (I had previously told myself that I could never afford to live there.) Seventeen years later, I’m still living at ocean’s edge and listening to Lead the Field tirelessly. I have prospered beyond my  wildest dreams.”
Diane Armitage

Lead the Field helps you finally “Get it!”

Every 10 days it’s a new lesson. And, as you devote 10 days to each lesson, you’re going to find that you’re learning something new each of those days. Lead the Field will become your reference and resource for the rest of your life. It’s that powerful.

Once and for all, revealing step-by-step thought and action methods that are readily available to you (in fact, they’ve always been with you!)

Every 10 Days, New Lessons You're Going to Learn …

Days 1 -10 – Chapter 1

The first and most important secret that will change your life in a week.

Days 11 -20 – Chapter 2

– Uncovering hidden opportunities in your life right now.
– Easily recognizing and solving the problems that stand between where you are now and the point you wish to reach.
– The 3 unfailing factors that work together to move you to that better position in life.

Days 21 – 30 – Chapter 3

– Setting the RIGHT goals for yourself. (That one you’re thinking of right now? It’s probably too small.)
– Honing in on, and charting your course for “The One” goal (and why).
– Understanding the mechanics of your mind that slam the door to your greater success.

Days 31 – 40 – Chapter 4

– Tapping into the infinite mental powers of your own mind.
– Finally bridging the gap between where you are and where you deserve to be.
– The (mind-blowing) one-hour-a-day exercise that vastly improves and leverages every action you take.

Days 41 – 50 – Chapter 5

– Understanding the Universal Laws – and the Principal Law – that sees you getting rich with mathematical certainty.
– Implementing the “Apothecary Scale” to completely eliminate nagging worries, confusion and fear.

Days 51 – 60 – Chapter 6

-The 3 bases of success that no one but your Sunday School teacher may have formally taught you.
– The unfailing boomerang of ongoing failure or ongoing success.
– Truly understanding, recognizing and steering clear of the slippery slope of compromise.

Days 61 – 70 – Chapter 7

– Moving out of mass thinking and non-motivation with this specific action.
– The Seven Levels of Awareness – where do you currently reside and where do winners reside?
– The 3 simple steps to breaking through the thorny barrier of conformity.

Days 71 – 80 – Chapter 8

– Setting up your Y.O.U. corporation so that you’re earning all the money you want and living the life you’ve always wanted to live in three years or less.
– THE one “trick” you’ve always had up your sleeve that will turn your life on a dime!
– Increasing your effectiveness from 50% to 100% in 30 days or less.

Days 81 – 90 – Chapter 9

– The only 3 aspects that determine how much money you will ever earn.
– The two distinct steps you must take to earn all the money you want.
– The easiest way to change your annual income into your monthly income. (I know. You find that hard to believe … you won’t by the time you reach this lesson.)
– Setting your money goals: Which group do you fall into?
– The only 3 strategies for earning money (and the one that is, by far, the fastest route to take).

Days 91 – 100 – Chapter 10

-The unfailing (almost unbelievable) correlation between this one item and executive level salaries.
– The one thing you can’t hide (and how to change it in 15 minutes a day)

Days 101 – 110 – Chapter 11

– One of the most extraordinary lessons you will ever learn: Turning the task of time management on its head with The $25,000 Secret.
– Seven simple implementations to create day-after-day success.

Days 111 - 120 – Chapter 12

– Are you following a follower or following a leader?
– The single sentence that will open doors for you everywhere.
– The one action that develops lasting, lifetime security for you.
– Practices that establish your leveraged effectiveness as a leader (including your own home).
– The 9-step mental process of “selling” any idea to anyone (you will be surprised at what these steps actually are).

What You Recieve Over The Next 4 Months:


Instant Access

Within 15 minutes of registering for this program, you will have your own personal login to the Proctor-Gallagher campus, and the first audio lesson in your “in” box!

12 Audio Lessons

Every 10 days, we send you a new audio lesson with the downloadable transcript to follow along.

Q & A Sessions With Me

Each month, I conduct a live, hour-long question-and-answer webinar to answer your specific questions. It’s a great way to interact with me and hear solutions and suggestions that I address to other students on the line, too

Global Support

We know it takes new dedication and effort to initially start this daily program. It’s why we’re connecting you with the entire global community of fellow “students,” along with answers from me and my New Lead the Field experts in an easy-access community.

24 Videos

Sandra Gallagher and I have created introductory and mid-point videos that summarize key lessons, point out hidden contexts you want to look for, and offer real-life examples and suggestions to enrich and accelerate your learning.


Within each lesson packet, you have quick-moving exercises that open your mind, stretch your imagination and map your path to living life on your new terms

Lead The Field. Live Life Your Way

Find Your Way To The Winner’s Circle.
YOUR Winner’s Circle.
Whatever You Want It To Be.


Aren’t You Ready to Live Life Your Way?

This program gets you out in front, breaking away from the pack mentality, and freeing yourself from living the kind of life most people settle for, what Earl Nightingale calls “a narrow, frustrated life.”
Over the course of just 120 days, you’re going to find your way to the winner’s circle … YOUR winner’s circle … whatever you want it to be!
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Aren’t You Ready to Live Life
Your Way?

This program gets you out in front, breaking away from the pack mentality, and freeing yourself from living the kind of life most people settle for, what Earl Nightingale calls “a narrow, frustrated life.”
Over the course of just 120 days, you’re going to find your way to the winner’s circle … YOUR winner’s circle … whatever you want it to be!

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